Fine dining redefined by A Krazy Mug’s stylish & colorful “Serving Trays”

Hello everyone 🙂 How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is safe and home. Welcome back to our daily Friday blog. Today we are going to talk and showcase the best designs and colorful product of A Krazy Mug called “Serving Trays”.

A Krazy Mug’s “Serving Trays” are one of the multicolor and creative product. The products pop of color and designs makes it unique yet traditional. All the trays are been hand-painted and hand-designed, giving a touch of authenticity and artistry look. The trays can be used for serving snacks, food-bites and beverages. It can also be used as a decorative item at the dinning table, or a decorative and artistic home decor as well as wall decor.

Well, we are going to show one of the two best and favorite serving trays of A Krazy Mug. Without a further a do….let’s jump to the creative and crafty tray pictures.


Theme : Through this piece of art we have shown the illustration of the “Royal Chariot” that was extensively used as conveyance and a means of transportation by the British Delegates. Quirky wheels have been used in order to support this depiction.


Theme : The theme of this set is Lotus Lady. The lotus flower is very important in Indian culture. It symbolizes creation and rebirth, it’s a symbol of the sun, because at nightfall it closes and goes beneath the water and at dawn it climbs up above the water and reopens. The lotus is an emblem of hope, love, eternal youth, fertility, purity, non-attachment and prosperity. It has a particular link to feminine energy, especially a woman’s eyes. The Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, who creates abundance in every situation she encounters, uses a lotus flower as her throne. This inspired us to choose the theme “Lotus Lady”

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