The Designer


Puja Bajpai – The Designer and Founder – A Krazy Mug

Puja Bajpai, based out of Mumbai, India is a successful & versatile designer. She gives a new life to the daily things we use.

For over 10 years Puja has been impressing people and wining hearts all over India by her Interior Designing marvels and innovative ideas on Home Decor. She continues to surprise and amaze everyone with her works.

State merit holder in the Interior Designing course from the Maharashtra State Board. Professionally she has done various projects in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai ranging different types i.e. Architectural, Exhibitions, Export Houses, BPO, Corporate houses, Flats , farm houses etc.

Much of the inspiration for her trendy and quirky colors comes from her close observation and her interest in creating lovely gifts out of just anything and the her unending love for arts & crafts. Though she often strives to impart a message in her scenes, she also hopes to inspire in her audience a personal journey into the magical world of their own imagination through handicrafts and better interiors.

It’s really nice to make a living doing something so unique and creative and in the end help the needy artisans.


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