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We indians love celebration, and it quite is the reason as to why we have so many festivals! And celebrations call for goodies – new clothes, Jewellery, Accessories, Gifts and what not. E Commerce ,surely has struck the right chord when it comes to leveraging such festive trends of encouraging if not enticing customers to shop like a maniac during the festivities. We at akrazymug.com specifically deal with Handmade and hand painted Home Décor , Cutting Chai Glasses,  Barware Accessories , Stainless Steel Tumblers and Jugs. Everything that we make is lovingly crafted by our skilled artisans that ensure the best quality products to gain ultimate customer satisfaction.

Here are the 10  Products that you could surely use as a gifting purpose during this Ganpati Festival to bring joy and happiness all around your loved ones.

Tapri Glasses – Matsya

 Matsya in Sanskrit means fish. Fishes have been depicted in Indian folk culture and imagery since ancient times.

Cutting Chai - Rang Barse
Cutting Chai – Rang Barse


These vibrant set of  glasses are inspired from our vibrant ethnic culture. Hence let colour flow & the theme Rang Barse.

Katta Chai - Lotus Lady
Katta Chai – Lotus Lady


The theme of this product is based on Lotus Lady that symbolizes creation, rebirth and is quite an integral part of the Indian Culture.


Stainless Steel Kettle - IM
Stainless Steel Kettle – IM


This is Steel Kettle with two painted with all Mumbai Motifs i.e. GateWay of India, Vada Pav, CST Station, Mumbai DabbaWala, Auto (Tuk Tuk)

Stainless Steel Tumbler Small - Owl Eye Pink
Stainless Steel Tumbler Small – Owl Eye Pink


Hand Painted Extravagant Charming Steel Tumblr ,Hand painted stainless steel tumbler – Small ,Each chai glass Small 250ML , drinking glass .Best Rated steel quality Sturdy hand painted finish Ready for frequent use

Tapri Glasses - Chasme baddor
Tapri Glasses – Chasme Badoor


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