4 Gifting Ideas For Every Kind of Person You Know

With all the Amazing and heartwarming Festivals that are coming up this year, there’s a lot of quirkiness cooking up at the A Krazy Mug store. We know as this new year welcomes us to all the upcoming festivals on our way , you might go haywire deciding / picking / buying the perfect gift for the perfect every kind of person in your life. And we’ve curated down some of our very essentials and new products for all of y’ll , we can’t wait for you to see them. Below we list down some of the awesomeness that we at A Krazy Mug provide.

  1. For the Friend who loves cooking / serving

We all have that one particular friend that can put down our cooking skills to shame and can somehow can cook some of the most delicious meals of all time because such friends are food fanatics and a blessing to us.
Gift them one of these gorgeous serveware. They’ll love how much prettier it makes their food look, even though it’ll disappear mere minutes after that! 

Eye Mask – India To Abroad

Multipurpose Coin Pouch – Dibbewala

2. For that one friend who is traveling all around the world:

These products are perfect amalgamation of cuteness and creativity as well as they are easy to carry. you know the type – where their social media pages are filled with a number of check ins , beautiful serene pictures of different cities around the world and that makes you wonder how do they get their work done. But you secretly admire the kind of amazing enthusiastic life they’re living, for them these products are something that are worth gifting for. Gift them something that they’ll always travel with like the above Neck Pillows, Perfect lightweight Tote bags or those amazing Sleep / Eye Masks that can save you a lot of trouble during continuous ongoing lights during long haul flights.

Tapri Glasses – Sadhu
Tapri Glasses – Lotus

3. For that one friend who’s a bit more of a religious persons and has some pious virtues

The above top selling Cutting Chai Glasses / Tapri Glasses are the perfect gifts for those friends who are just a bit more orthodox and on the religious side, these can be gifted during some of the most auspicious and renowned Festivals such as during Diwali , Ganpati, Dussehra and so on , and trust me they can;t thank you enough for this.


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