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It’s never too hard to maintain and optimize your Kitchen Cabinets and enhance those old mundane Grey corners of your kitchen that speaks boredom and needs a revamp immediately. As they say, ” home is where the heart is ” – which simply must explain why we spend so much time in spending the right amount of money on affordable yet ethnic and quirky products.

Aluminium Single Kettles 

It’s so important to bring a change in the way you live and ho everything should be styled in your home to your perfection and your taste that you can’t ever go wrong about. Adding these simple Home Decor Ideas can drastically bring a big difference in your house.

Stainless Steel Tumblers 

We, at A Krazy Mug, bring you the best curated products to help you fathom your creativity when it comes to styling and refurbing your Home and all those nooks in your house that needs a change immediately. We deal in products starting from Cutting Chai Glasses, to Stainless Steel tumblers, to Steel and Aluminium Kettles, and Home Decor essentials. Every Product that we make is lovingly hand crafted and hand made by our skilled Artisans who make it sure that all our customers are satisfied and content with the kind of services and products we cater into.

Katta Chai 

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Hello Shoppers!! Come, have a look at our exclusive artistic tray hand designed by A Krazy Mug.

Bring a beaming smile on the face of your guests by serving them in this beautifully hand-designed SERVING TRAY designed by A Krazy Mug.

A Krazy Mug serving trays are perfect for daily use for on any occasion. The tray is great for serving starters in high tea or any house parties. You can display them on a coffee table to hold candles & vases. The tray can also be used to decorate the buffet tables & sideboards. You can also use it as a hallway tray for keys, a small serving dish, or on a side table for display.

There are countless uses for these hand-designed Aluminum Trays. These vintage, traditional yet modern Serving Trays are perfect for its usage as decorative thali for engagement or the wedding.

Have a look at our exclusive, beautiful, artistic colorful and elegant hand – designed trays by A Krazy Mug !!


The theme of this set is Melange. This is a French Word that translates to “Blend” which is what we tried to do while designing and doing the Hand Painting on the product.

Tray – TUK TUK

The theme of this set is Tuk Tuk. Indian Auto Rickshaw which is also famous as “Tuk Tuk” by many foreigners is designed in colorful way.

Tray – RUN ZUN

The theme of this set is Rajasthani Couple complimenting each other with Indian Motifs.

Hope you guys liked our exclusive, elegant yet modern artistic trays. What are you waiting for, grab one set, and give an artistry look to your serving style.

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