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Each and everyone has their own sense and style of revamping and organising their Kitchen Shelves and Pantry Closets so don’t let us tread on your toes!  But if you surely love some of our tips and tricks in how to make your kitchen look different and unique whilst maintaining a quirky yet Ethnic Style to it , then please feel free to share, like and comment our post!

If you’re looking up to spice up your Kitchen , then this post is definitely for you!

  • Our Most Admirable and Best Selling Cutting Chai / Tapri Glasses can act as a perfect example of enriching the elegance and bringing a colorful aspect when it comes to Home Decor and maintaining attractive Counter Tops. This product is a set of four (04) hand designed, printed cutting chai glasses (Tea Glasses) with a traditional stand. The theme of these glasses is termed as ‘Chashme Baddoor’. And it can certainly be used for Hot and/or cold serving!
TG CB_03
Tapri Glasses – Chasme Baddoor
Tapri Glasses - Super Six
Tapri Glasses – Super Six
Tapri Glasses - Truck Theme Pink
Tapri Glasses – Truck Theme Pink
Tapri Glasses Zingalala
Tapri Glasses Zingalala
Katta Chai Madhubani
Katta Chai Madhubani

Product contains a designer Hand painted wooden stand and 4 colored glasses. Ready for daily and rough use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.

Katta Chai - Steps Of Impressions
Katta Chai – Steps Of Impressions
Katta Chai - Melange
Katta Chai – Melange
  • Hand painted Stainless Steel Tumblers

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Hand Painted Kettle with Glasses “OH KOLKATA”

KOLKATA is the cultural capital of India and one of the friendliest cities in the world. A city of amazing depth and contrast, to  get lost in everything around you !

The following inspiration is depicted by me Puja Bajpai and this is the reason why am I so passionate about this place.I vouch any tourist or a culture loving soul would adore this idea that tells a story about Indian Culture on this spectacular piece of art, that is quite useable for daily utilities along with an item of home décor.

–Navratri or Durgotsav  also known as Durga Puja during Dusshera is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in various forms, across IndiaNepal and Bangladesh. It  marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus symbolizing  the victory of Good over Evil.This is the most significant socio-cultural event in Bengali Hindu society.

–“ The Howrah Bridge” is one of the oldest and famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal . It is suspended over the famous Hooghly river

— “The Kolkata Tram”  is currently the only operating tram network in India and the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, running since 1902

— “Hath Gaadi”  . A small, usually two-wheeled cart pulled or pushed by hand only found in Kolkata..My heart goes out to  the hath gaadi walas here 😦

–“The Country Boats” another  unique charm seen on the banks of Hooghly river. These pleasure cruise boats are used mostly by the tourists visiting Kolkata city and they get fascinated while boating in Hooghly river. A superhit song “Chingaari Koi Bhadkee…”from Bollywood movie “Amar Prem” with superstars Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore is featured on this boat

–Women in “Tant Sarees”: These are typical Bengali cotton sarees ,majorly worn by the masses. It is hand woven to now machine woven, having bright colours with decorative borders and distinguished by its lightness and transparency. It is considered to be the most comfortable saree for the Indian hot and humid climate.

–The classic “Kolkata taxi”

Ket OK