Check out our exquisite, artistic, unique and handy hand-designed HIP FLASK by A Krazy Mug!!

Hello people! How are you’ll doing? Today in this blog we’ll talk about the “A general guide to know everything about the Hip Flask Accessory of A Krazy Mug”.

Hip flasks have been around for a long time. Simply called as flasks, these are small containers for holding hard liquor and carrying it around in your pocket conveniently.

What materials are used for Hip Flask? – Hip flasks have been made using a variety of materials, the most common ones have been made using pewter, glass, silver and stainless steel.

A Krazy Mug uses stainless steel base for it’s hand – designed Hip Flask.

Washing Advice for Hip Flask – Avoid scrubber and hard detergents however sponge and mild soap can be used whenever required. Rinse it well and allow it to air dry.

The size of the HIP FLASK – The standard size is 200ml which is just over 5 shots of hard alcohol. A Krazy Mug provides 150ml.

What Can You Store In Your Hip Flask? hip flasks should only be used to store hard liquor. This means rum, gin, whiskey, brandy and bourbon are fine. If you’re using A Krazy Mug’s Hip flask, you have a benefit of storing can liquor and any energy drink as well.

Last but not the least “Drink Responsible”

Come have a look at A Krazy Mug’s exquisite, artistic, unique and handy hand-designed HIP FLASK.


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