Aaya mausam CHAI peene ka!

Aaya mausam CHAI peene ka!

Celebrate this chai ka Mausam with hand-painted tapri glasses from Akrazymug

We have unique and customized hand-painted tapri glasses designs which you can use in your home office business everywhere.

Make your chai ka Mausam mastana with our hand-painted glasses.

Let’s have a look at our some of the highlighted products for this week

  1. An old charm of our Indian highways comes on our small glasses “ Trucks “ which always fascinates me for their colors, they not only carry loads but spread their charm on all roads
  2. The Tapri glass theme “ Sadhu “from which I got inspiration from roaming around the lanes of Varanasi, their vibrancy and stillness in their personality attracts me to make the design

3. Matsya which means fish in Sanskrit. In ancient Indian culture, fishes were depicted in folk art and imagery.

Let us know which design you loved the most also you can tell your customized design Requirement in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for next week. Till then enjoy your monsoon season and don’t forget to order our tapri glasses for your chai time

When life gives you hands, make HANDMADE!

Hello everyone 🙂 Welcome back to our daily Saturday blog.

Today, we will try explain and show the importance of a small business, it’s benefits and why should one “support” a small business.

Each corner of your block, you will spot a person running a small business. Be it selling a small goods like baking a cake or brownies, selling cute and attractive handmade accessories or creating handcrafted crafts or artwork.

A common person will tend to think, it is such an easy task to handle a small business. But NO! A lot of effort, time, and patience goes to handle and maintain a business, be it a small or a big business. Let us tell you handling and running a small handmade business is quite different from running a retail or a merchandized business.

Handmade products offer higher quality and more attention to detail. When you’re looking for the perfect gifts or home décor item, the quality of the product is of the utmost experience. With handmade items, not only are they valuable and likely to last longer. Here are some benefits of buying handmade products:

  • Better for the economy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Purchases you can feel good about
  • Handmade products can meet your needs
  • Handmade products are unique

Yes we do a small dance…:D

Even a small order from your side makes our day. It gives us the courage to work even harder in our small business. We also get inspired and give our best to take a step ahead and explore creativity.

Lastly, the key message for you’ll……..

Don’t you agree or not? So in future when you come across a small business physically or through social media, check their feed, like few posts and drop a supportive comment. Your small gesture will definitely boost their confidence in running the business more positively.

A Krazy Mug is simply a love for Art by Puja Bajpai, offers exquisitely handcrafted premium hand painted items in its best forms. Every product that we make is lovingly crafted by a skilled artisan, imparting a character and personality that is truly unique.

If you want to place an order please do write to puja@akrazymug.com with your name, address and your order. We will definitely get back to you soon.

For more information or queries, kindly contact us at +91 9833968244

A Krazy Mug is on Amazon now. Have a look at our other exquisite & assorted designed products as well.

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