A warm tradition connecting us back to our roots!

Hello everyone 🙂 Welcome back to our daily Friday blog. How is everyone doing? Do let us know in the comment section below. Can’t keep calm, today’s blog is quite interesting. We are revealing our prestigious HOLI product.

After a splashing success of “RAVAN DAHAN KIT”, on customers demand we are now back with yet another colorful, creative and traditional **HOLIKA DAHAN KIT**

We were super excited to get so many request to create this product. As we know, due to current situation in the world, most of people will not be able to celebrate HOLIKA DAHAN or CHOTI HOLI with family, kids and friends. So, we thought why not make a festive HOLIKA DAHAN KIT. Where you can buy it for your kids, to color and decorate it and celebrate the auspicious festive with the oldies, family and friends.

Get these DIY HOLIKA DAHAN KIT. It is hand-designed. Give your kids a new way of celebrating Holi. The Diy kit includes few colors, a holika’s out-line, a pamphlet of WHY DO WE CELEBRATE CHOTI HOLI ( a short summary) which you can tell it to your kids.

Here, we have the snippet of the DIY HOLIKA DAHAN KIT….


If you want to place an order please do write to puja@akrazymug.com with your name, address and your order. We will definitely get back to you soon.

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