Aaya mausam CHAI peene ka!

Aaya mausam CHAI peene ka!

Celebrate this chai ka Mausam with hand-painted tapri glasses from Akrazymug

We have unique and customized hand-painted tapri glasses designs which you can use in your home office business everywhere.

Make your chai ka Mausam mastana with our hand-painted glasses.

Let’s have a look at our some of the highlighted products for this week

  1. An old charm of our Indian highways comes on our small glasses “ Trucks “ which always fascinates me for their colors, they not only carry loads but spread their charm on all roads
  2. The Tapri glass theme “ Sadhu “from which I got inspiration from roaming around the lanes of Varanasi, their vibrancy and stillness in their personality attracts me to make the design

3. Matsya which means fish in Sanskrit. In ancient Indian culture, fishes were depicted in folk art and imagery.

Let us know which design you loved the most also you can tell your customized design Requirement in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for next week. Till then enjoy your monsoon season and don’t forget to order our tapri glasses for your chai time

Your Ultimate Satisfaction of Hand made and Hand Painted Home Decor & Kitchenette Accessories Ends Here |The 4 How To’s Glam Up Your Home | www.akrazymug.com

Home is where the heart is and what better way to dress up your home than purchasing some amazingly curated hand made and hand painted Home Decoration bits and pieces that not only lighten up your home and those boring dull shelves in your house but also make your home a better living place because honestly who doesn’t want a bit of a change in their lifestyle and their way of living. Life is all meant about changes and growth.

We, at A Krazy Mug specifically cater into such hand made and hand painted Tableware, Serveware, Barware and Different kitschy , ethnic and beautifully hand painted kitchenette accessories.

Here are some 4 How To’s To Dress Up Your Home in Our Way :

Cutting Chai Glasses:

Here are some creatively made and one of our top grossed, searched and our customer’s favorite, the cutting chai glasses or the tea glasses that have been eyed upon for a while and our customers love this just for its simplicity and the way  a simple tea glass ( that’s normally preferable way of drinking and sipping your tea / coffee from)  can be manufactured to such precision and creativity that it’s the most eye catchy product of ours. Because again, simple things when re engineered become way more productive.

Go ahead and gift these glasses to someone who’s a huge fan of cutting chai/ or the way it’s been said our Tapri Glasses.


Katta Chai :

Well you need something to hold those cutting chai glasses onto and what better than a squared stand.

Katta Chai – Run Zun

Stainless Steel Tumblers:

Perfect amalgamation of Serveware and Tableware that is beautifully and creatively designed Steel Tumblers that are travel friendly too!

FotoJet (1)

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles :

Check out this blog of ours for more information on Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles.

5 Indigenous Beautifully Hand Made and Hand Crafted Aluminium Kettles | Akrazymug.com | Creativity At It’s Best

For more information on special deals and bulk orders, please visit our website at  http://www.akrazymug.com or simply call us at +91 98339 68244.