A Krazy Mug presents to you Hip Flask Set with Shot Glasses…Something interesting, something funky!!

A Krazy Mug presents to you Hip Flask Set with Shot Glasses…Something interesting, something funky!!

Hello readers/shoppers,

This web journal is all around the astounding, special, imaginative, and dazzling HIP FLASK SET WITH SHOT GLASSES, hand–designed and created by our exceptionally claim talented artisans of A Krazy Mug.

The underneath items are uncommonly outlined and made. Each item has its possess importance.

This Hip carafe comes with a pipe and four shot glasses which can be utilized for the estimations or drinking shots. Come, let’s have a see at your excessive HIP FLASK WITH SHOT GLASSES collection.

Theme: Plan motivated by the authentic motion picture “Munna Bhai MBBS” where Munna Bhai and Circuit” is appeared. Popular exchange is specified “Tension lene Ka Nahi, dene Ka”.

Theme: Indian Auto Rickshaw which is additionally popular as “Tuk Tuk” by numerous nonnatives is outlined in a colorful way.

Theme: Plan propelled by the verifiable motion picture “Sholay” and Gabbar saying popular Exchange “Jo Dar Gaya Who Damage Gaya”.

Trust you folks preferred our select, exquisite however advanced aesthetic, offbeat Hip FLASK with Shot Glasses. What are you holding up for, snatch one set, and grant an aestheticness see to your drinking style.

If you need to put an arrangement if it’s not too much trouble do type into puja@akrazymug.com together with your title, address and your arrangement. We’ll certainly get back to you before long.


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