Unpack your happiness with a trendy food delivery!

Hello guys 🙂 Welcome back to our daily Friday blog. How have you’ll been? Today at A Krazy Mug we are showcasing one of our exclusive, artistic, colorful, never shown our luxurious handcrafted and hand-designed tiffin.

You must be thinking why is this product so special to A Krazy Mug….

Well, let us share with you the designs, the texture and the process of this esteemed product. Today you will be seeing something special product rather than our other special products.

When we say the word “TIFFIN” what comes to your mind immediately?. A box full of happiness. The joy of unpacking the delicious home food. Or the excitement and eagerness you get by receiving the tiffin from the “dabbawala” (The dabbawalas (also, called tiffin wallahs in older sources) constitute a lunchbox delivery and return system that delivers hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in India, especially in Mumbai, while your busy working hard in the office.

Let us share with you 1 fact of dabbawalas:

  • You won’t believe, they deliver about 200,000 Dabbas in a day! Isn’t it amazing!

Come, let us show you A Krazy Mug extravagant tiffin, it’s colorful showcasing the designs of “Mumbai” one of the famous and the city which never sleeps in India, the “local train” where the Mumbaikar have at least made one and the most memorable journey, “CST” – the most crowded railway station, famous street food “vada pav“, the “sea link“, “auto-rickshaw” any tourist worth ride, “dabbawala” the most hard-working people of Mumbai and last but not the least the “bollywood“.

So what do you’ll think? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

If you want to place an order please do write to puja@akrazymug.com with your name, address and your order. We will definitely get back to you soon.

For more information or queries, kindly contact us at +91 9833968244

A Krazy Mug is on Amazon now. Have a look at our other exquisite & assorted designed products as well.

Happy Shopping!

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Thank you very much for reading! Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs 


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