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Handicrafts & Handmade

Handicrafts , certainly referred to as Handmade crafts or artisary are basically when the art and talent of skilled people flow in and create varied and unique types of items starting from consumer goods to decorative pieces out of paper, wood, clay, glass, stainless steel, plastic, shells,rock ,stone ,metal etc with the help of simple or a bit of complex tools regardless of the technology that’s been provided these days , handicrafts have a totally different touch and feel to it and are solely handmade without the usage of any machine.

abstract art artistic arts and crafts

Products At A Krazy Mug

Every product that we make and everything that goes into it, be it the skills the time and patience everything collectively turns out to be a work of perfection. The kind of products that deal into makes us different and stand out unique in the Global Market. To Cutting Chai Glasses to Steel Canisters to Katta Chai to Home Décor & Barware , everything is solely handmade and hand designed by our skilled artisans.


Corporate Gifting At A Krazy Mug

To put in very simpler words, Corporate Gifting serves as a delightful and a pleasant way of gesture into the established world of bulk orders. To us , the whole idea of corporate gifting is a well acknowledged association in the corporate circles.

Our Products At The Domestic Airport
Our Products At The Domestic Airport
Our Products At The Domestic Airport
Our Products At The Domestic Airport

Corporate Gifting basically helps you strengthen relationship and build a good rapport with our customers by the virtue of the concept of more the exposure, more the retention for sure! Because the whole idea of having your Brand Logo printed on your product and it getting distributed to the customers as a token of thanks and appreciation has been an idea long practiced by A Krazy Mug. We Give a new edge to Corporate Gifting by customizing to our customers needs even though at times it becomes difficult to fulfill certain unrealistic expectations of our clients but nevertheless, we do appreciate their interests and ideology and shape it to the perfectly curated product that they wanted and wished for , simply because for us customer’s satisfaction and content is the number one rule of our Business.

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