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We will be showcasing some products wherein you will see which products of ours have the best customer reviews and how much are our products loved and bought for the type and the rich quality that reigns over any cutting chai glasses or tapri glasses in competition. We are blessed , happy and grateful to have received the love and gratitude by our customers and we will strive hard to satisfy our customers need. Sky is the limit!


Clear Cutting Chai Glasses – Set of 6
KC RZ 2.jpg
Katta Chai Run Zun

The reviews on this product are heart warming and we have received a lot of love from our customers! Have a look!


image (12)



image (2)

image (3)

image (9)


image (11)


Hopefully these customer reviews are helpful enough to slip onto some great and amazing purchases only at www.akrazymug.com and you can even visit our new website at wix.com !

Happy Shopping!




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