40 % OFF On Selected Products | Grab Some Amazing Products | Only By AKrazyMug | Head Onto KarmaPlace.com

We’re more than happy to announce that we have a 40% OFF an amazing promotion on some selected products that we are showcasing on karmaplace.com ! It’s a win- win situation since these prices are now at an amazing deal that we have made for our customers!

Below, we are showcasing some products that will be under the 40% OFF Promotion , you can also head onto our page on karmaplace.com to get insights!


DH BB.jpg
Wooden Dholak- Bunty Aur Babli
Wooden Floral Key Holder in Blue
Arabic Blend Wooden Box


To Explore More Visit our site at www.akrazymug.com and www.akrazymug.in , you can also visit our new website at wix.com.

Happy Shopping!


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