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Home Bars aren’t those odd little boring drink cabinets that lurk in the corner of the lounge or your dining room  or that is attached to your kitchen– in today’s time they’ve been given their own space or their own dedicated room; as drinking at home, along with high class entertaining, at your own comfort level without having to dress up and leave your comforting place is ultimately becoming increasingly fashionable.

Hip Flask & Shot Glasses – Sholay Gabbar


No, We’re not talking about swaying a can in front of the telly, but luxury cocktails, places to take pre-dinner aperitifs or end the evening with fine liqueurs because we all certainly need a time and place to unwind ourselves after a long week of tiring work at the office or finishing up a strict deadline. Or maybe we are just meeting our friends after a long time or maybe partying for some special occasions.


Hip Flasks & Shot Glasses – Tuk Tuk Rickshaw

We may set our favourite bar or we may set up a bar of ourselves at your home. Setting up a bar at home may sound like a fun idea, but it isn’t such an easy task to do it in a jiffy. One has to invest some time thinking about the essentials such as the barware (including the bar glasses, bar accessories and most importantly space). Chilling with your friends at the comfort of your home is indeed heavenly and calming, with no worries of drinking and driving back to your destination and thus it is completely safe and secure.

Bar Accessories With Hip Flask and Shot Glasses

We at AKrazyMug.Com are here to make your home bar an even more better place with a range of barware including bar glasses and bar accessories that not only lighten up your home bar but also makes it a fun spot to hang around with your friends because we have such GREAT styles and characters imprinted on our Hip Flasks and Shot Glasses. And we’re pretty sure youngsters do love and fancy such products that we provide at a considerable cost!

Hip Flask – Basanti


BM LU1 1
Beer Mug – Ullu

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