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  • We at AkrazyMug.Com have a plethora of products to suit every pocket , not only do we  offer some great discounts starting from 10% up to 40% but also the most unique part of us is that we also offer international shipping, so that none of our customers feel left out. 
Steel Kettles – Khushboo Gujarat Ki 
  • Our products are available over a wide range of colours and sizes, so choose the best for yourself. We also have some quirky and hand painted kettles with huge splash of colours and we specialise in studio pottery (a style of pottery in which professional artists work on the pieces either alone or in a small group to produce unique items. They do everything by hand and are involved in all the stages of manufacturing the product).
Ket AN (1).jpg
Kettle – Arabian Nights
  • So whenever you get bored of your same old coffee mug, or if you want to add a hint of creativity to your existing crockery, then simply log onto AKrazyMug.Com and redesign your kitchen and also your mood.
BK LT.jpg
Bike- Let’s Drive (Home Decor)
  • Our products are hand made and hand designed with creativity in mind. Ranging from cutting chai glasses to serving kettles to barware ( hip flasks and shot glasses) to Home Decor, we have it all!
TG CNG_01.jpg
Tapri Glasses – Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi 
  • So before all of the above mentioned amazing products are out of stock, head onto our website and buy them as we have limited stocks!




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