Perfect Gifting Ideas This Monsoon | Monsoon Specials |


Whilst the monsoons conjure up joyful images of refreshing rains, a hot cup of tea, and beautiful lush greenery, it also spells doom for your Home Decor unless you bring in some good colors to life by inhabiting some creative, personalized and kitschy products designed and quality made satisfying your needs and wants only at

In this beautiful chilly weather, what more could you ask for than a cup of cutting chai glasses served in amazing Hand Made and Hand Painted Kettles , each one having different themes that speak of different ethnicities, cities, their culture and vernacularities.

Monsoons can be made even more exceptional and noteworthy when you get the perfect amalgamation of something creative, unique and ethnic like our Cutting chai Glasses, and the beautifully designed Steel Kettles to serve some hot tea in this season!

Be it personalized gifts or gifts for your loved one, or if you have a valentine to gift for or it’s an anniversary gift, you name it , we have it. We, at AKrazyMug have the best products in demand when it comes to Home Decor, ranging from our famous Tapri Glasses to Hip Flasks to Key Holders etc.

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