Hand Painted Funky Glass Tumblers : Chashme Baddoor

Chashme Baddoor Tapri Glasses ( Details)

Theme :  Chashme  Baddoor is a slogan used in north India to ward off the evil eye. The slogan is frequently uttered as a protective phrase when a beloved succeeds, has good luck or otherwise receives praise, because those events are said to invite jealous attention. Chashme Baddoor and its associated icons are often seen as part of Indian truck signage.

It can also be seen in Indian and Pakistani homes, sometimes as an interwoven part of wall-hangings and other decorative art. There is also a popular Indian movie named after the slogan “Chashme Baddoor”.

Description and Usage :

Completely Hand painted  with non toxic and food safe materials. Makes a beautiful practical present. Ideal for serving  tea and coffee. Can be used as candle light holder.

Name :   Tapri Glasses  ‘Chashme Baddoor’                              Code : TG CB

Set of six glasses with Stand

Material: Glass, metal stand, non toxic and food safe acrylic paint, non toxic glossy coats/ lamination
Volume/Capacity : 150ml    Weight: 1000gms.   Height : 3.3 Inches. (5.5 cmsX 8.5cms)
Washing advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended.

Multiple high resolution  images on below link:


A Krazy Mug’s complete range


For Orders and Queries  :  Almeena : +91 98339 83534 / 98339 68244 / 96199 28967

www.facebook.com/akrazymug     http://www.akrazymug.com/gallery.php





TG CB (5)


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