Hand Painted usable kettle “Arabian Nights”

Product Name : Kettle Arabian Nights

Product Code : Ket AN

Description : Completely hand painted, classy,  premium home décor cum utility gift. Makes a beautiful practical present .

Material : Aluminium, acrylic non toxic  and glossy glazes.

Volume/Capacity :  1 litre .   Size : 4.5 inches x 6 inches . Weight : 400gms

Washing Advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended. Do not scrub.

Usage : A good tea and coffee is better enjoyed when presented in something exquisite, unique and lively. “A Krazy Mug” gives a funky, innovative, quirky and attractive appeal to popular and timeworn items of utility and converts them into articles of home décor.

You may delight your beloved with everlasting memories by packing in dates, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates etc. for special occasions to remind them of you whenever they use this extraordinary gift to serve hot or cold beverages. Can also be used as stationery and cutlery holder or as a planter.

Ket AN (10)


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