Apna Maharaja Glass Tumblers – Yellow

Description : Completely hand painted, classy,  premium home décor cum utility gift. Makes a beautiful practical present .

Presentation is the most important aspect of honoring and delighting your dear ones because every one loves to see something exquisite and be treated outstandingly. These hand painted, funky, innovative and quirky artistic  glasses will do all the needful right from serving to delighting and impressing your dearies. Designed with non toxic and food safe materials ideal for home decor cum daily utility. The vibrant and colourful decor will also add to the overall appeal of your home.

Usage :  These glasses are ideal for  serving lassi, juice, soft drinks, hard drinks, welcome drink or any traditional drink that thrills your guest . These can also be used as return gifts for everlasting memories by packing in sweets, dry fruits, chocolates etc. for special occasions to remind your beloved of you whenever they use this extraordinary gift to serve any beverage. It can also be used as stationery and cutlery holder or as a planter.

Material :  Glass, MDF, Nontoxic Acrylic paints and Non toxic Glossy glazes.

Volume/Capacity :  250 ml

Glass Size : 3 inches x 5 inches    Tray Size : 9.3 inches x 5.3 inches

Weight : 700gms

Washing Advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended. Do not scrub.




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